Spray Foam Etc is a scam business

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Spray Foam Etc.gave me a quote for $6000 to remove old insulation and spray foam my roof.

The sales person was Joe Maglio (Atlanta sales person), the biggest scamster of all! Other scammers involved were Nathan Raney (who runs the South Carolina shop) and the owner Jack (also from South Carolina). The crew came out on 11/28 and took a 50% down payment of $3000. They cashed this immediately and I could not put a hold or stop on the check after I came to learn about the scam (even within 24 hours of writing the check)!

They created a hole in my kitchen ceiling by walking on the attic where there was no plywood platform. They filled up the dumpster that I had ordered for my basement work, rather than filling up their own dumpster. They were supposed to come out the next day to spray foam my roof. Instead, I got an email from Joe Maglio that Spray Foam Etc.

had shut down its operation in Atlanta and so they were canceling my job!! I lost $3000. My attic has no insulation, my kitchen ceiling has a hole, and I have to shop for a new contractor at this point. They even abandoned the dumpster in my yard and I have to call the dumpster company myself to get it removed.

I and my husband called Joe and Jack several times to find a resolution and nothing worked, obviously scamming was their only motivation. There were problems even when they first came out to take the down payment. Joe had put in the contract that "ALL" the old insulation will be removed, but when the crew came, Joe said that only the cellulose will be removed and BAT insulation will remain. The line item quote that Joe gave as part of the estimate said that the spray foam would average 7.5 to 8 inches in thickness, but when Joe came he said that he only intended to put 5.5 to 6 inches thickness for that price!!

I was shocked to hear that they changed the scope of work, but I said okay to even all that since I had already given them the check for $3000 and needed the job finished.After all this, they still didn't finish the job and left a big mess!!

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She is a liar a no good Indian cheap liar. Most of this kind same always want something for nothing


If u would have paid attention should have seen the first comment about them bein dirty. Call southern eastern installation.

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